Anonymous asked: i have a big forehead and a high hairline, what hairstyle would help me? >.< i only have a hair curler and my hair is pretty long and straight, and flat. I want to make my hair have more volume and down play my high hairline. I have somewhat of a side fringe too, this is for a cruise so plz help

Girl! i have the same problem as you! It can get really annoying at times because you think everyone is just staring right at it (trust me, ive had so many people tease me about it but all you gotta do is ignore it) 

perfect you have a side fringe!! 

When you curl it, it would look a little amazing, something like this 


Curl the fringe AWAY from your face and style it so it falls across your forehead and swooping away from your face 

It will look a little something like this: 


You can add volume to your hair by teasing it in sections (any brush/comb will do) or you can get your hair curler and place it close to the top of your scalp. Take a piece of hair and pull it straight towards the ceiling then wrap the section closest to the scalp around the barrel of the hair curler. I hope this makes sense. This is so you can get that bit of volume at the top. 

For a loose feeling, after you’ve curled everything brush everything out with a comb and smooth it down with your fingers so it doesnt look like a bush 

It can look something like this: 


Especially the bottom half of the hair. It would look amazing! But since you want to cover the forehead, try to achieve the second picture’s fringe but with this girl’s bottom half of the hair. 

You can also do a half up half down hairstyle with the curls after you’re done. Adds a bit of elegance. Like this: 


But of course with your side fringe not a split middle fringe. 

I would suggest not prepping your hair on the day because i find that fresh hair tends to be very flat when you style it. Try having one day old hair. Try tying your hair up in a high messy bun for some volume the day before then you can curl and style to your liking on the day :) 

I really hoped this helped and im not too late! Goodluck! feel free to message if you have any more questions :) 


I love this Crisscross Ponytail from A Beautiful Mess. Tutorial. 


I love this Crisscross Ponytail from A Beautiful Mess. Tutorial

Natural waves

For girls with short/medium length hair, invest in a curling tong/wand. I just bought one yesterday on sale for $40. A curling wand by Philips and its so amazing! Curls in just a few seconds and it has that natural wavy look and not an artificial look when you KNOW that your curls have been done by straightening 

It looks exactly like this. The actual barrel itself has a velvet black coating which is supposed to prevent instant burns if you accident touch your finger on it while curling. I found that really weird but awesome! It is the HP9619/00 model if anyone is interested!

Philips ProCare Conical Curler 13-25mm barrel HP8619/00

If not girls/guys. I suggest you invest in one if you really want to go for that natural beachy wave look everyday! Amazing! My new found love! lol! 

simple. easy. everyday :)

simple. easy. everyday :)

another take on the waterfall braid. beautiful for all types of hair, any occassion :)

another take on the waterfall braid. beautiful for all types of hair, any occassion :)

Anonymous asked: Any chance you could make a tutorial for the hair do Dianna Agron has in the Just Another Girl music video? Or her hair do in ‘Decades of Glamour’ ?

Hiya! i dont think i will be able to film a video but i can definitely write in words what you would need to do to get the hair 


1) You would probably need a fringe or short layers infront of your face to do this 
2) Straighten your hair as much as you can 
3) Separate the top third of your hair from the bottom third
4) Get the top third of your hair and start teasing it thin layer by thin layer and hair spraying each layer until you get volume like the top. Shape the tease so that the ends of the hair falls towards the back of the head 
5) Tie the rest of the hair into a tight ponytail at the back of the head. Secure the teased hair on top with bobby pins 


1) Do the exact same thing as the instructions for the other hairstyle but for this one you want the final layer of teasing to just be minimum to get that smoothed out look. Or you can just get a brush and slightly smooth out all the bumps at the end. 
2) Instead of putting your hair into a ponytail put it into a chignon. You can see many variations of chignons on youtube. I think the above is similar to this : 

The key to these is being messy, having volume but also making sure it doesnt look like a complete slop. Its messy but also elegant at the same time :)

I hoped this helped


Celtic knot hairstyle! Seen this on pininterest but the lady in that one didnt explain it properly. This is brill! 


Different Types Of Curls on We Heart It.


Different Types Of Curls on We Heart It.


hair bows
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