heldinhishands said: i went through an unfollow spree a while ago and ended up accidentally unfollowing you but i didn't realize and i forgot your blog url... and i just finally after all this time found you again. i'm so happy. i love your blog so much! have a nice day!

oh hahaha! oh yay!! that is so nice to hear hehe. I actually dont realise how many people like my blog!! oh thankyou!!! you too! :) 


Messy braids will get us through summer. 


Messy braids will get us through summer. 



*short haired people sobbing in the corner*

*Short haired person laughing because she doesn’t have to spend the hours on her hair these styles actually take and looks awesome with just rolled out of bed hair, no fuss required*

Quick Summer Time Ponytail

love this! quick and easy and gives your average ponytail an extra oomph :) 

Anonymous said: Best way for heatless waves, for thick medium hair ( my hair is to my chest )?

I suggest doing 2 french braids, one on each side of your head! Works out great! Or you can even do 1 for looser waves 

Or you can split your hair into 2 then twist the pieces and wrap them into a tight bun. So then you have 2 buns sticking out on top of your head. When you take them out you have pretty nice curls/waves :) 

Or you can get a headband and then twist your hair around the headband. You can some wicked waves. like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu0ofu8-8Yo . You can just a headband or if you dont just get a piece of fabric and wrap it around your head and secure with bobby pins 

I think these are the methods that have worked for me the most!


there should be a lot of heatless waves tutorials on my page if you look around :) 

Anonymous said: Hey! :D So I have hair in between thick and thin that is wavy when naturally dried. It reaches around six or seven inches past my shoulders when straight. Anyway, I straighten it quite often (not every day), but I've noticed a problem. About an hour after straightening, the ends taper in, and it is no longer stick straight. How do I fix this? I use a chi iron and I straighten my hair before bed and touch it up in the mornings. Please help! :)

hey there!

thats quite odd it could be the wavy hair wanting to go back haha. If you had a hair straightener with you i would recommend straightening the hair again but when you get to the ends of the hair, flick the hair straightener outwards so then the hair would be straight again. Does that make sense haha? 

You could try concentrating more of the heat towards the ends of the hair which could make it stay straighter for longer (keep the straightener clamped there for a bit longer) 

When you straighten your hair, before it cools completely, you can try putting those long thin black clips for sectioning hair or get strands of your hair and flatten it out at the end and insert a bobby pin to keep the ends flat and in place. I hope that makes sense. Then just take it out after a while, it should set the ends straight. 

just gotta try what works for you! :) 

Could also try using hairspray afterwards! 

hope this helps :) 


provingmyself said: To the gal with the oily hair problem... ME TOOO!!! My hair was gross and I had to wash it every single day to upkeep my frail stick straight locks. What I did was I transitioned to using Baking Soda instead of shampoo. Because I was washing my hair so much stripping the oils that my hair needed it would over produce the oils trying to repair itself. Baking soda gently cleanses naturally. It takes a week or two to transition and your hair to feel "normal" if clean n' freaking awesome is normal:)

thanks so much for the input! :) 

Anonymous said: Can you pleaseeee help me? My hair gets oily easily at the scalp and i have to wash it every other day. and it also smells no matter how many times i wash it. could you give any advice? please and thank you. Love your blog btw!

Hi there! Oh i think that’s like me. Annoying hey! Do you mean it smells of like old, oily hair? You shouldnt really be getting a smell with freshly washed hair. 

I think for oily hair, its just better to just wash your hair every other day really thoroughly. Also make sure you dry your hair properly after you shower and then just let the rest of your hair air dry. i know it sounds weird but i like drying my hair with a fan after i shower lollll. You can try using baby power or a dry shampoo to make your hair look less oily. 

For the smell…. maybe try using a scented shampoo? Maybe that can counteract the smell? Maybe you can try using a coconut milk hair mask (just buying cheap coconut milk or coconut oil from your local supermarket and mixing it with honey and lemon/lime juice then putting it on your hair… makes it feel soft as well! and dont forget to wash it off afterwards!) I used to do this once in a while and my hair smelt amazing haha 

I really hoped this help! Thanks! im so glad you like it haha :) 

5 Pretty hairstyles for second day hair!!






Get the brief instructions here http://www.lovelyish.com/2013/08/04/clovers-5-quick-hairstyles-for-second-day-hair/ 

If they’re too brief i’d suggest looking keywords they put in the description under each picture on youtube e.g. the chignon.. they didnt explain it very clearly but there’s heaps of tutorials you can search for on youtube :)