Kardashian waves

Hi there! Another request :) Im assuming that they’re these Kardashian waves hehe :)

Im going to post up articles and videos to instruct :) 

1. Elle and Blair forum article: Click here 

Prep: Second-day hair works best because of texture. If you have thinner hair, blow-dry your hair upside down to create as much volume and texture as possible.

1.      Start by spraying your hair with a heat protectant. I used John Frieda’s heat styling spray. Comb through and let it dry.

2.      Section the top half of your hair off by clipping it on the top of your head and separate the remaining hair into two sections.

3.      Take a curling iron and wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around the barrel without using a clamp and let hair off after about 5 seconds. I used Jose Eber’s Pro Series Clipless Curling Iron 19mm.

4.      Be sure to curl the hair away from your face and that they aren’t too defined. (No barrel curls)

5.      Continue steps 3 &4 for the other section.

6.      Separate the remaining hair into two more section and repeat these steps once more.

7.      Once all of your hair is curled, comb your hair back starting at the crown and then create a messy middle part half way back.

8.      Back comb the crown of your head and other pieces that need a “lift”

9.      Finish my fluffing your hair with your fingers and spraying lightly with hairspray.

I had already posted a hair tutorial of this before which i quite liked! Click here 


This is another video for a more messy/carefree look achieved with a clipless curling iron.I think it looks closer to the kardashian curls or waves than the above video. But just a smidge more messy :)

Click here


This video shows how to achieve the look with a straightener Click here 


And this video shows how to achieve the look WITHOUT HEAT! Click here 

Goodluck! I hoped this helped! :)